Simulator Sickness Report Form

Not feeling well? We're sorry to hear that. 

Once you've collected yourself, why not take a minute to volunteer some information regarding your sickness to help others out? This service is provided free-of-charge, and we're on a mission. We're trying to make simulator sickness a thing of the past.  We're trying to make sure VR is a safe and fun space for everyone - and we need your help. 

Fill out the form below with as much, or as little information as you're comfortable sharing. We'll use that data for research into what triggers simulation sickness, and provide our findings completely freely and openly to game companies, and the world at large. 

Check out our legal and privacy policy here - we have no interest in sharing or collecting personally identifiable data about you!

Questions about your medical history and sex are used to determine linkages between particular conditions (e.g. female biology, nearsightedness, diabetes) and incidence of sickness.  We do not collect identifiable data, and data is not stored in such a way that it could be associated with a particular user.  Still, if you feel uncomfortable providing any of the below data for any reason, please totally feel free to leave it blank.  We want to make better games and a more comfortable experience for everyone, including you. 

The questions

Please DO NOT provide personally identifiable information such as name, SSN, address, etc. All violating entries will be deleted immediately.

All questions are optional, and there are no required responses.

Please enter your age.
With which gender do you identify?
Please select your biological sex as assigned at birth.
Please enter your height in feet and inches.
Please enter your weight in pounds.
Please enter the title of the game or simulation you were using when you experienced sickness.
Please enter the VR device you were using when you experienced sickness.
Select the approximate time of day (in local time) when the incident occurred.
Describe your physical situation while using the VR device.
Please enter the temperature (in degrees F) of the room when you experienced sickness.
The distance between your pupils in millimeters.
How would you describe your VR experience level?
Describe any chronic medical conditions from which you suffer that might cause or exacerbate motion sickness.
Describe any drugs or alcohol in your system during your sickness incident.
Describe your visual acuity.
Describe any regular medications you take.
For approximately how many minutes were you playing when your sickness occurred?
Describe your Sickness Incident
Describe your Sickness Incident
I felt a general sense of discomfort.
I felt fatigued.
I experienced a headache.
I experienced eye strain.
I had difficulty focusing during the incident.
I noticed increased salivation.
I began to sweat.
I felt actively nauseous (e.g. sick to my stomach).
I had difficulty concentrating during the incident.
My head felt full, as if with water.
I felt dizzy, even with my eyes open.
I felt dizzy, only with my eyes closed.
I felt disoriented, as though experiencing vertigo.
I was uncomfortably aware of my stomach.
I noticed uncomfortable burping.
I actively gagged.
I actively vomited.
Please give us a detailed description of what happened, and the situation.


Parts of this report were adapted from the Simulator Sickness Questionnaire, a trusted and frequently used user research instrument. 

Whitethorn Digital is a for-profit LLC primarily invested in game consulting and game development located in Grove City, PA. We make very little money operating the Simulator Sickness Report, and do not directly profit from your participation in any way. The funds are redirected to improving the robustness of the data by marketing, traveling to promote, and analyzing the findings.  We share all of our data in both analyzed and raw formats completely free of charge to anyone with a vested interest in simulation sickness.  Our primary goal in running the Simulator Sickness Report is to improve the accessibility of VR technologies for all.  

While this is not an academic study, the 'primary investigator' can be considered to be Dr. Matthew White, an erstwhile professor at Penn State and games industry data scientist.  He previously researched simulator sickness in academia and has been interviewed about it in the past. 

While this isn't a standard, IRB approved, peer reviewed study, our aims are to get an open database of simulator sickness incidents assembled that can be perused and datamined by anyone with the urge and ability to do so.