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BOMBFEST is an award-winning party game for you and up to three friends! Battle in wooden forts, on folding chairs, and inside the kitchen sink as you attempt to be the last player standing. Use bombs to eliminate your foes, but don’t get caught in a chain reaction of explosions!

Tags: four player, couch, physics, party

Where the Bees Make Honey

Where the Bees Make Honey tells a story about reflecting on different moments from a childhood, which are played and experienced from an adult perspective. 

It's a dreamy, ethereal, and thoughtfully crafted experience about nostalgia. The game is capturing that grace period in a childhood where playing dress up was larger than life and changed the environments around you. 

Tags: indie, art, walking simulator, puzzle, story

Beans: The Coffee Shop Simulator

Beans is a sardonic simulation game about hipsters running a coffee shop. Fans of Tycoon games and dark humor will be right at home!

Run a coffee shop and a gauntlet of challenges to inherit the Coffeebottom Fortune!

Tags: casual, clicker, management, comedy


Aground is a narrative-driven resource collection, exploration, and survival game.

You have nothing but the clothes on your back and fallen branches all around. That ship was your last hope, and now it lies in pieces off the shore of this deserted island. Are you the only one who survived the crash?

Tags: survival, crafting, exploration, pixel art


In Calico you, a darling young magical girl learns she has been given her distant aunt’s old cat-café along with a harrowing and adorable task; Make the town’s cat-café active and full of cuddly creatures again!

You will journey to a town of Magical Girls and other fantastical friends to fix up the cat cafe, as well as filling it with furniture, decorations, and most importantly CATS!

You can play the demo right now!

Tags: life simulation, cute, management

Newt One

Newt One is a nonviolent musical 3D platformer with a colorful aesthetic and a chilled-out vibe. The land of Groovy Hue was once bursting with music and color until the Great Slumber.

Take control of Newt, a new tone in this musical land. Awakening this sleeping, silent world is Newt's rite of passage. Restore music, life, and color to the your world!

Tags: 3D platformer, colorful, musical


Whalefall is a combination SRPG / JRPG set in a high fantasy world inspired by Lord of the Rings, the Suikoden Series, and the Final Fantasy games.

The continent of Osfeld is a unique one. Harshly divided among territorial lines and shadowed by enormous sky whales, the economic and political powers shift every hundred years as one of these beasts ages and dies, plummeting to the ground below. The economic, technological, and military boons from the whales’ bodies are considerable, and so is the conflict over their remains.

Tags: SRPG, JRPG, story-rich, fantasy


Tinselfly is an upcoming VR adventure game with light action elements, set in a science fantasy universe. Players take on the role of Robin Aetherspring, a listless starship engineer who once had dreams of bounding through the cosmos.

When Robin becomes trapped in a bizarre starship graveyard, she must investigate its origins, free her crew and rediscover her love of space exploration.

Tags: VR, exploration, story-rich, experimental

Evan’s Remains

Evan’s Remains is a puzzle platformer narrative mystery game about a young girl named Dysis who is stranded in the Pacific in search of the genius boy, Evan.

Featuring gorgeous parallax pixel art and menacing logic puzzles, Evan’s Remains will put players’ logic skills to the test while simultaneously peeling away the layers of mystery that surround the disappearance of Evan.

You can play the demo right now!

Tags: puzzle-platformer, mystery, pixel art


StarCrossed is a local co-op arcade game heavily inspired by classic "Magical Girl" media. Our mission is to provide an experience that focuses on collaboration and teamwork. The game is designed with 2 players in mind, and will test both players' skills as they work together. 

This cooperative take on the classic shoot 'em up genre forces the players to carefully position themselves and take out enemies with a projectile that bounces back and forth between the players. Timing and teamwork are key!

Tags: arcade, co-op, shmup, cute, visual novel

Raspberry Coast

More details coming soon!

Raspberry Coast is a fishing-driven life simulation game inspired by games like Stardew Valley and Legend of the River King.

Players take on the roll of ‘the angler’, who left their job in the city to retreat to the oceanside. Purchase a dilapidated wharf and bring it from tangled weeds and driftwood to a functioning fishing business.

Tags: life simulation, free to play, 2D graphics