“Low-Stress” Games are…

  • Approachable
    No prior knowledge, special skills, or finger-karate are necessary to enjoy our games.

  • Digestible
    Our games can be played with no time constraints, can be saved constantly, picked up and put down without penalty, and enjoyed briefly and instantly.

  • Stress-Free
    We don’t penalize players by making them repeat levels, frustrate them with sudden losses, or put them in high-stress situations. Pour a cup of tea, grab one of our games, and chill out.

We were founded in 2016 by Dr. Matthew White, who saw a need for publication, visibility, and advocacy for games for working adults who simply can’t play for six hours at a time. Our products have also found a home with younger children, or folks with busy schedules.

We’re fierce advocates of the fight for labor unions in the games industry, and advocates of historically underrepresented creators. Our share of revenue is also the lowest in the industry ranging from 7% to 20%.

Headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, we take advantage of a great tax structure, a livable city, and the bitter cold of our long winters to fuel our passion for games.

If you're making a small to medium sized indie game that doesn't quite fit the mold, why don't you drop us a line?  We'd love to chat.  



Whitethorn Digital LLC
1001 State St. Suite 515
Erie, Pennsylvania, USA